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 Workforce Action Plan – increasing visibility of Kaiāwhina workforce

Of the 56 actions in the five-year action plan, five have been implemented, and a further 36 are in progress by various sector stakeholders
While only ten months since its implementation, the Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan is already making positive inroads to raising awareness and opportunities for this workforce.Independent facilitator, Cathy Cooney, says the work to date is helping to establish a solid foundation for future actions to be built upon.“The completed actions to date are in the ‘career development’ and ‘access to learning’ areas. This is providing new opportunities and a strong base to support future actions, all of which will help increase the competence and confidence of people working in roles across the health and disability sectors.  This in turn will give assurance to consumers regarding the quality of service delivery”.

The full list of 5-year actions can be downloaded here.

The Action Plan is one of the six workforce action programmes in the Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) strategic plan.

HWNZ Acting Director, Margareth Attwood says that another positive outcome since the Kaiāwhina plan became operational is the steadily increasing profile and understanding of this workforce and its role in the provision of integrated health and disability services.

The recent inclusion of the Kaiāwhina workforce in the Ministry of Health’s Health of the Health Workforce Report is indicative of this growing profile.

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The Kaiāwhina Workforce Programme, a partnership between Careerforce and Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ), sets out a 20-year vision and a 5-year action plan (2015-2020) for the development of the health and disability Kaiāwhina
(non-regulated) workforce.
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