Life Changing Careers Campaign helps build diversity into the care and support workforce

In 2020, and in response to COVID-19, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) launched a $16m COVID Response Fund, to support employers in their recovery from COVID-19.

A key lesson for the health and wellbeing sectors from COVID-19 was that the sheer lack of diversity across our care and support workforce had posed significant resilience risk.

Industry Training Organisation, Careerforce was successful with its proposal to develop a campaign aimed at promoting career pathways in care and support, and attract greater workforce diversity.

It became evident that it was the intrinsic rewards that attracted care and support workers to their roles, and kept them inspired. They really feel they are making a difference in people’s lives. This led to the campaign tagline, “The life you change might be your own”, with storytelling at the core of the campaign, both from those receiving care and support, and the support workers themselves. Here is one of the heartwarming videos that was created as part of the campaign. Lucia Amatiello left a job in hospitality to take care of people in a different and more rewarding context, working in a residential aged care facility.

“It’s so rewarding as well as very humbling. I feel genuinely so lucky, privileged to be helping people feel loved, protected and empowered. It’s like being family. Helping bring some joy. I can go home at the end of the day knowing I have done that.”

See Lucia’s and other campaign stories

The Life Changing Careers website has been designed for people considering a career in care and support work. It’s a portal with helpful information about careers and training with links to rewarding and fulfilling jobs in the various sectors of health and wellbeing. It also contains the heart-warming and compelling stories that have been shared throughout the Life Changing Careers campaign. Please feel free to share among your networks and social media pages.