Developing the health and disability
Kaiāwhina workforce


Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) and Careerforce are working together in partnership to facilitate and support a workforce action plan that focuses on the development of the health and disability kaiāwhina* workforce.

The Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan framework was co-created with multiple key stakeholders from across the health and disability sector. The framework provides an holistic overview of the necessary elements or domains to build a vibrant and sustainable workforce for this sector.

The Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan is a living document which is largely web-based to enable flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness in a fast changing environment. It recognises that there are work activities occuring in many settings that contribute to the Plan and new activities continue to emerge that have an influence on the Plan Actions.

The Plan is overseen by a Taskforce with membership reflective of the wide number of organisations and agencies committed to the advancement of kaiāwhina roles and contribution. The work of the Plan is co-ordinated by a Working Group and a Programme Team. The partnership between Health Workforce New Zealand and Careerforce is reflected across this structure.

The 5-Year Action Plan commenced on 1 July 2015.


A kaiāwhina workforce that adds value to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders by being competent, adaptable and an integral part of service provision

*Kaiāwhina is the over-arching term to describe non-regulated roles in the health and disability sector. The term does not replace the specific title roles, for example: healthcare assistant, orderly, mental health support worker.  AC020