Developing the health and disability
Kaiāwhina workforce

Consumer Focus

The consumer is at the centre of the development and provision of health and disability services.

Consumer FocusThe needs, expectations and goals of the consumer and their family/whānau are central – a strengths-based approach. They have the right to culturally appropriate effective services, and to be informed of choices and participate in decision-making about their support and/or treatment. Population data is used to identify health trends.


1. Needs

Services provided meet the needs of the consumer.

2. Choices and expectations

The consumer receives safe, effective and responsive services.

3. Profile

A demographic profile of consumers to inform service providers. The profile utilises census data in sector planning.



Consumer Focus Principles:

  • The relationship between Kaiāwhina and the consumer and family/whānau is based on trust and transparency
  • Consumer choice is supported through systems that are enabling.
  • Services support consumers and family/whānau to develop self-management skills.
  • The Kaiāwhina workforce understands and recognises the impact of stigma and discrimination on the consumer/s they work with and their families/whānau, including self-stigma
  • Diversity and the cultural values and beliefs of consumers and their family and whānau are respected