PATHWAYS: Career Development options support continuity for individuals and organisations

Action 1.1

Knowledge and tools are provided to organisations to embed achievable career pathways that are sustainable and recognised in their development plans.

Action 1.2

Develop a vocational pathway programme that provides secondary school students with the values, knowledge and skills required to enter the health and wellbeing workforce.

Action 1.3

Develop accessible programmes and appropriate apprenticeships that incorporate competency standards for the Kaiāwhina workforce.

Action 1.4

Develop the NZQA listed health and disability New Zealand qualifications which provide pathways for school leavers, informal carers and employees from levels 2 to 6 and into the regulated workforce.

Action 1.5

Provide opportunities for relevant formal and informal prior learning to be credited towards qualifications.



LEADERSHIP: Learning and skills development support Kaiawhina aspiring to leadership roles

Action 2.1

Provide tools and knowledge to organisations to recognise and embed achievable leadership and management pathways that are sustainable and recognised in their workforce development plans.

Action 2.2

Develop relevant and accessible programmes that support the development of leaders within organisations that lead to the award of New Zealand qualifications.



TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Alongside formal qualifications, transferable skills and experience are recognised.

Action 3.1

Knowledge and tools will be provided to employers to identify skills and experiences that are transferable into other roles and/or opportunities.

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