Outcome 1

FUNDING STRUCTURES: Kaiāwhina roles are acknowledged and enabled through flexible funding structures

Action 1.1

Funding mechanisms are developed that support Kaiāwhina roles and the competencies required to implement emerging models of care.

There is cross-sector support for the development of these mechanisms including funders, providers and Kaiāwhina representatives.

Action 1.2

The funding mechanisms and decisions promote the role of Kaiāwhina and are transparent.

Action 1.3

Current terms and conditions for Kaiāwhina roles are transparent and variation between roles of like-skill is minimised.



STABILITY: Employment conditions support job security and retention

Action 2.1

Understand the range of terms and conditions, including regularised hours of work, pay rates & rewards to inform key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve job security and retention.

Action 2.2

The health professional workforce understands and values the role of Kaiāwhina as a member of an integrated team.



SERVICE MODELS: Kaiāwhina roles are included in the design of new service models

Action 3.1

Planners and policy makers assess and include the roles and contribution of Kaiāwhina as emerging models of care are developed.

Action 3.2

Kaiāwhina workforce planning is an integral part of service design and future health service planning for Kaiāwhina working across the full range of roles.


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