Developing the health and disability
Kaiāwhina workforce

Connecting Kaiāwhina

It is recognised that Kaiāwhina should be more involved in the mahi of the Taskforce.  This will be achieved by creating a mechanism for Kaiāwhina to shape and influence the output of the group through meaningful contribution.

The moemoeā sees Kaiāwhina as leaders, helping to inform strategies and future service delivery solutions. COVID-19 experiences highlighted that there are gaps in understanding about what Kaiāwhina do in communities, improved understanding will enhance decision making.

Kaiāwhina are leaders

  • Achieve direct engagement of Kaiāwhina in the Taskforce and in the activities of the plan
  • Propose Kaiāwhina membership on the Health Workforce Advisory Board
  • Promote widely the Whakapapa o te Kaiāwhina
  • Kaiāwhina are contributing to national initiatives, informing service design and role developments

Grow Kaiāwhina whanaungatanga and share knowledge

  • Provide the opportunity to grow a Kaiāwhina community through whanaungatanga, sharing ideas and successes, growing a sustainable and vibrant network
  • Kaiāwhina identify initiatives that support their mana, wellbeing, growth and development e.g. learning hubs that share knowledge and best practice
  • Grow understanding about the role Kaiāwhina undertake, including their unpaid work in communities, and their positive impact on the whānau and communities they support

Raise the value and profile of Kaiāwhina

  • Express the values that personify Kaiāwhina
  • Prototype a code of practice/ethics unique to Kaiāwhina
  • Increase understanding and explore opportunities to strengthen the contribution Kaiāwhina make to the services led by regulated health professionals
  • Encourage interprofessional learning opportunities
  • Support efforts to recognise where inequitable employment circumstances exist