Developing the health and disability
Kaiāwhina workforce


Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan Documents/Resources   

Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan 2020-2025 Priorities: The 5-Year Priorities 2020-2025 toward the 20-Year Vision

Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan: The 5-Year Actions 2015-2020 toward the 20-Year Vision

Te Whakapapa o te Kaiāwhina:  The poster for the taonga that aims to deepen the understanding of the term Kaiāwhina and recognises the mana of this workforce and the important role they play in supporting the Hauora of Aotearoa.

Kaiāwhina and the ANZSCO – Advice from the Workforce Intelligence Domain Network: (2019) This submission provides advice from the network which supports the workforce Intelligence domain of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan on the skill statements within the Australian and New Zealand Standard Cassification of Occupations (ANZSCO) as well as the job titles recorded in the ‘Codefile’ managed by Stats NZ.

Poster Kaiawhina Workforce Action Plan: Poster presentation to the All Together Better Health IX Conference [Collaborative Practice and Interprofessional Education] September 2018 – Transforming the Landscape of Healthcare