Developing the health and disability
Kaiāwhina workforce

Strategies and Plans

Government Strategies, Plans and Action Plans

EJE Briefing Paper final 2015: This job evaluation exercise commissioned by the PSA compares the work of community support workers (CSW) working in intellectual disability support services with Health/Therapy Assistants and Corrections Officers.

Taeao o Tautai: Pacific Public Health Workforce Development Implementation Plan – Ministry of Health New Zealand MARCH 2014 : Link to page on Health Workforce New Zealand website  – outlining the publication which supports the implementation of the national public health workforce strategy: Te Uru Kahikatea 2007-2016.

Ministry of Health Disability Workforce Action Plan 2013 – 2016 : Workforce development is critical in the provision of quality disability services and supports for disabled peoples in New Zealand. The disability workforce continues to encounter issues which include an unidentifiable career pathway, pay disparities and working conditions and access training and development. The Government select committee recommended the implementation of a cross-sector workforce strategy in 2008 to address these issue and more. This workforce strategy 2009/14 has since been developed and was delivered in 2009.

Ministry of Health. 2012. Rising to the Challenge 2012: The Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan 2012-2017. In December 2012, the Government announced a 5-year service development plan for mental health and addiction services. The aim is to ensure that New Zealanders have better access to quality mental health and addiction services. Health service providers will work alongside individuals, families, whānau and communities so that people with mental health or addiction issues are able to get the help they need sooner and recover faster when they are unwell.

The New Zealand Health Strategy – Ministry of Health New Zealand DECEMBER 2000 : Link to The New Zealand Health Strategy document which provides the framework within which District Health Boards and other organisations across the health sector operate.

Te Uru Kahikatea (TUK) – The Public Health Workforce Development Plan – Health Workforce New Zealand MAY 2007 : Link to page on Health Workforce New Zealand website – outlining the national strategy to guide public health workforce development in Aotearoa, New Zealand. TUK has a 10 year focus that aims to support the growth and development of the public health workforce.

The Carers’ Strategy – Ministry of Social Development 2014 : The Carers’ Strategy was developed in partnership with government agencies and the New Zealand Carers Alliance and outlines the Government’s vision for carers in New Zealand.