An introduction to the Action Plan

Stakeholder briefing for engagement workshops


Across New Zealand over 12,000 support and care workers are undertaking workplace training annually. This is small percentage of the estimated number of non-regulated workers in the health, mental health, aged care, public health and disability services sector. We now need to plan for the development needs of this workforce to meet future requirements for their contribution as valued members of an integrated service delivery team seeking to improve health and wellbeing outcomes. This planning needs to be responsive to the anticipated changes in demand due to an increasingly ageing population, greater complexity of client need, developments in technology, along with the changing expectations of service users.

In responding to this need the Boards of Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) and Careerforce agreed to work in partnership to develop a workforce action plan that will focus on the development of the health and disability Kaiāwhina/non-regulated workforce. The project will develop a twenty year horizon with a five year action plan. The Draft Action Plan being presented at a health conference to be held at Te Papa, Wellington, 20 & 21 May 2014. At this conference the plan will form the basis of discussion and there will be opportunity for feedback prior to the finalisation and publication June/July 2014.

The Project – A 20 Year Horizon and a 5 Year Action Plan

The Working Group (HWNZ and Careerforce) is seeking the involvement of the sector via a National Stakeholders forum and Regional Workshops. These sessions are designed to give participants an opportunity to contribute to describing the 20 year horizon from the perspective of both the expectations of service users and those of the non-regulated workforce.

Along with articulating a long-term vision we are also seeking sector input to establish the priority outcomes which will form the basis for the 5 year action plan which will focus on the practical steps required to achieve the 20 year horizon.

The plan will describe the current workforce and identify the priority gaps that need responding to between 2014 and 2019. This includes building the demographic picture of both the client base and the workforce; describing the emerging models of care along with the required knowledge and skills to respond to these models; and defining the kaiawhina/support worker career pathway.

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