LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Kaiāwhina have access to participate in learning and development in their roles

Action 1.1

Ensure learning programmes are readily available to Kaiāwhina in a manner that recognises their learning style, language and culture, together with their physical location and work requirements.

Action 1.2

Mechanisms exist to enable Kaiāwhina on their learning journeys.

Action 1.3

Experienced Kaiāwhina have their competencies assessed as the first step in their learning and development programme.



JOBS: The range of Kaiāwhina roles, including role progression and development, is accessible. Learning and skills development support Kaiāwhina aspiring to leadership roles

Action 2.1

Kaiāwhina have access to information on role progression and development within the employer organisation and the broader community.



TECHNOLOGY: Kaiāwhina use technology applicable to their roles

Action 3.1

Kaiāwhina are supported to access and use organisational technology systems.

Action 3.2

Service related technology needs are identified and Kaiāwhina are supported to develop their skills. Technology is used as a service enabler.


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