Outcome 1

INTEGRATED: Kaiāwhina are recognised and supported to work in integrated models

Action 1.1

There is mutual respect for the role of all team members which includes acknowledgement of the skills, knowledge and experience Kaiāwhina bring to integrated and holistic service delivery.

Action 1.2

Tools are provided to support kaiāwhina service improvement activity.

Action 1.3

Knowledge and tools are available to support organisations to develop a culture of consumer safety that identifies challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Outcome 2

COMPETENT: The workforce is skilled and competent, to appropriately respond to consumers and family/whānau

Action 2.1

Education and training programmes are competency based with consumer safety and service quality underpinning all programmes.

Action 2.2

Establish a system whereby kaiāwhina can demonstrate initial and on-going competence and that enables and encourages continuous professional development.

Outcome 3

STANDARDS: Kaiāwhina meet service standards and legislative requirements

Action 3.1

The code of rights, service standards, legislations and regulations that apply to the work of Kaiāwhina are identified and available for Kaiāwhina to access.

Action 3.2

Education about the standards and legislation/regulations that apply to Kaiāwhina is available in a form that is accessible and supports delivery of safe and quality services; and enables the participation of Kaiāwhina.

Action 3.3

Systems and practices are in place that supports the health and safety of Kaiāwhina as they fulfil their roles.  They are regularly reviewed.


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