Outcome 1

VALUED: Kaiāwhina are recognised as a valued workforce

Action 1.1

Policy, approaches and expectations that raise the profile of the work of Kaiāwhina across the spectrum of health and disability settings are put in place.

Action 1.2

At all levels of the system, Kaiāwhina are treated with respect and their skills and contribution to the total health and disability service team is acknowledged in practical ways, including, but not limited to, through inclusion, employment conditions and the language used.

Action 1.3

Roles and competencies of Kaiāwhina are clarified and articulated.



FAIR: The guiding principle of fairness is embedded in employment relationships with the Kaiāwhina worker.

Action 2.1

A system is implemented which covers the wages, the time spent travelling and the vehicle costs incurred by Kaiāwhina as they provide services to people.

Action 2.2

The Kaiāwhina workforce is primarily a regularised workforce whereby the majority of workers have guaranteed hours of work, are paid an equitable wage and have manageable workloads.

Action 2.3

Commissioners and employers uphold the principles of fairness to ensure that funding increases and pay provisions are visible, negotiable, appropriately and fairly allocated, and sufficient to support regulatory and agreed workforce initiatives.

Action 2.4

Terms and conditions of employment are achieved through applying the principles of good faith as required by the Employment Relations Act.



EQUITABLE: Employment terms and conditions have parity with other workers in comparable positions

Action 3.1

Mechanism is developed to outline and recognise the required skill, training and qualification level of the kaiāwhina workforce.

Action 3.2

The kaiāwhina workforce is paid at a wage rate commensurate with the required skill, training and qualification level.

Action 3.3

Terms and conditions of employment are explored that will maintain a skilled and stable kaiāwhina workforce.


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